2 Questions To Ask As You Make Your Resolutions

Sitting here at the end of 2017 contemplating that dreaded question - What New Years Resolutions will I make?  What goals am I going to set?  (And will I even stick to them, & make them happen?!) What did I achieve this year that I can celebrate?  What will I do better or different?  Goals, vision, ideals (read: pressure!!!!)

I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels time is racing far too fast.  I mean, I'm sure it was only last week that I was getting kids off to school at the start of the year, then 5 minutes later we're wrapping Christmas presents!

In all our rushing, goal setting, & ideals (real and perceived) - setting ourselves a set of realistic resolutions is sometimes enough to make us give up before we even begin. 


Don't give up just yet - consider these things:

*What am I rushing toward?

Is is a specific goal?  Do I wan't a body transformation?   Is there a specific event?  Do I wan't to save for a holiday?  Get a promotion?

In my rush toward my goal what must I do to get there?  Am I prepared to do the work it takes to get there? Make the sacrifices required?  

If my goal were to save money I need to set an amount to aim for.  Something realistic. I need to decide how much sacrifice I'm prepared to make in order to achieve my goal.  Will I give up my take away coffee?  My weekly shopping spree?  My evening vino or weekend partying?

Just like this - if I choose to make my goal to better my health  I need to set a measurement so I know that I've made it.  What will I sacrifice to get there?  It can be as simple as go to bed by a set time, drink 8 glasses of water per day.  Limit myself to 3 cups of coffee per day. Consume more veges by having a smoothie each morning.

The thing is - it needs to be your goal.  Your sacrifices.  Your desire.  Your realism.  Your determination.

* The second question we must ask ourselves is:

What am I running from?

It is my experience that we don't take quiet moments to consider this question. Often because it is too painful to dwell on for too long on.  But we need to, even if it is just to acknowledge the question itself.

Don't be afraid of the question, nor the answer here.  Where we are, and who we are right now is the result of all our life's path so far.  The good, the bad, the ugly.  Embrace it.  It doesn't have to define you.  Choose to move forward.  Be different.  Maybe this moment will give you the power to move on. Be stronger.  Be braver. Be wiser.


As for me - what New Years Resolution will I set myself?

A goal for motherhood -

A goal for business - 

A goal for health & wellbeing - 

A goal for marriage - (20 year anniversary this year!!)

They can all be summed up in the quiet pursuit of be-ing.

Be-ing content.  Be-ing a valuer.  Be-ing loving. Be-ing one thing at a time.  Be-ing a "no" person when it counts. 

This means - smelling the flowers, telling my family how much they mean to me, appreciating the juggle because I am capable, enjoying be-ing in the moment, recognising the stress before it is overwhelming, challenging my body to perform because its not too old yet!


I wish you all the best in your pursuit of what you chase.  Whatever it is I trust that you will choose wisely. 

Come and join the family here and we will support each other.  Here's to a fantastic 2018!

Posted: Tuesday 1 January 2019

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