Aquafit: a Splash in the Pool

There are 2 types of people - the go-getters, and everyone else!  Maybe there are 2 other types of people - the early risers, and the night owls.  These 4 categories really separate the men from the boys when it comes to lots of things in life.


I'll let you in on some secrets about me:  I'm much more of a night owl than an early bird.  I love sleep its my second happy place.

(Luckily) my first happy place is exercise - I love the way it makes my feel alive.  I really am the embodiment of contrast - a go-getting sleep-lover!


6AM doesn't exist in my world most days  - at least not with my eyes open.  But on Wednesdays I'm often awake before my alarm at 5.30am, looking forward to getting into the pool.


If you've never exercised in water you're missing out!  Its amazing.  You feel light and supported.  To do AquaFit you don't have to be a confident swimmer - there is an option to swim some lengths if you wish.  You don't even have to put your head under if you don't want to.


We splash.  We move.  We kick.  We breathe.

Our heat rate increases.  We smile.  We laugh.  We grit our teeth.

Our brain wakes up.  We feel ALIVE!

And by 7am we are all so glad we got out of bed.


So I dare you to challenge yourself - come and join us at 6am on Wednesdays at the Inglewood Primary School Pool.

Its indoor.  Its warm.


Come and make a splash in the pool - you might surprised yourself.  It might just make your day.

Posted: Wednesday 6 March 2019

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