About Pilates for Living

Taranaki Pilates Instructor & Pilates Studio

I'm Phillippa Kingi, a NESTA (USA) trained Pilates Instructor I have 10 years of experience teaching classes.  I'm also a registered nurse, and a mother of 4.

My own journey to Pilates began because I injured my back as a teen.  My career as a nurse aggravated it, and then came the kids!  

After a very long time I discovered Pilates and found the strength I need for every day.  This drives my passion to share with you what I have learnt - fast tracking your success.

I teach small group Pilates in my Inglewood Pilates studio, as well as one on one training.

From beginners through to advanced Pilates, Pilates For Living provides Taranaki's top instructor led Pilates classes.

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