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Pilates provides an excellent opportunity to exercise your body and mind. Classes are also a great place to meet others.Check out my services and programs and join the community today.

Pilates Mat Classes

Learn the ABCs of Pilates.Concentrate on your abdominals.Master your breathing.Control every movement.These classes are great for improving your ability, building strength and maintaining the muscle you build.Flexibility is built right here.Discover the strong version of you.

Personal Training / Reformer

Take time out of your busy life. Focus on you. What do you want? What do you need? Sometimes the best thing we can do for others is look after ourselves.Whether you have a specific goal in mind, or need help to create one, one-on-one sessions are a great way to help kick start you into a new level of health and wellbeing.

Back Care Course

I am passionate about helping people understand their body, understand movement, recognise the way our bodies compensate for pain.Flexibility, core strength and relaxation are the 3 key things you will learn throughout this 10 week course. Learn new techniques to help accomplish everyday tasks. Bookings essential for this course. The next course is due to start in January 2023 (date to be confirmed). 

Please use the link below to register your interest.

Teen & Pre-Teen Pilates & Healthful Movement 

It's never too early to learn, and practice, good habits especially when bodies are still young and supple.Combining strength, cardio, flexibility this is the perfect class whether young people are involved with sport or not. Challenging for body and mind.

Heat & Flow Pilates

Its Monday - what better way to start off your week. Drop the kids to school and get into it! 

In this class we push our limits. Its cardio, Pilates and combined. Time to sweat it out, crank it up and see what your body can handle. I dare you - come and give it a try

Beginners Pilates Block Course

Designed especially for those who are new to Pilates. Our four week block course covers all the basics including training the pelvic floor. Intentionally small classes means you get expert care, individual attention and a chance to ask questions. Spaces are limited. Bookings essential.

Men's Stretch & Core Pilates

A workout designed specifically for men.Exercises and stretches designed to give you the optimal workout. Develop flexibility, and core strength like never before. Become a more efficient working machine


Pilates, Boxing & Circuit training all rolled into 1 fast hour!A great way to start any day.Co-ordination, power & fun.


Get fit while having fun at a Rock-It board class! Combining strength, cardio and stretch exercises, this is a lively class for all ages.

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